A Light in Oslo

As I arrived in Norway for a seventh year of handling global media relations for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, I saw the light in more ways than I ever could have imagined.

The Art of Simple Machines

As a kid, a car accident on the corner of my block knocked a stop sign sideways. The twisted and bent metal bowed nearly parallel to the ground.

Where to Find the Message When the Media Never Sleeps?

In my nearly 20 years working in the communications field, the methods and means of communication have become far faster and more abundant that I could have ever imagined.

Looking Forward, with an Eye Towards News

Sometimes the best business strategy is to be a market contrarian. Think Warren Buffett buying shares of Goldman Sachs in September 2008, or any pronouncement by Nouriel Roubini over the last five years.

DKC Lends a Hand to Kids in Need

Introduction In March 2009, the recession was continuing to wreak havoc on the lives of Americans in the form of mounting job losses and economic hardship.

The Climate Discussion Heats Up

People throughout the United States – and a good part of the world – thought about global climate change this September as the United Nations General Assembly convened a one-day summit on the environment in anticipation of meetings later this year in Copenhagen and the hope of a global agreement to reduce emissions.

Preparedness and Response in Communications

In the world of public safety, clear and effective communication is an indispensable skill set. As any firefighter or EMT will tell you, when time is of the essence and lives are hanging in the balance, there is no room for confusion.

What’s the essence of creativity?

I was interested in joining DKC because the firm had a reputation for creativity. Friends in the field told me that DKC did things differently, though I wasn’t quite sure what that meant.

Why DKC Government Affairs? Why Now?

State government affairs have never been as challenging as they are now – from California to Michigan, from Texas to Florida, states are experiencing unprecedented challenges and pressures and elected officials are reacting and acting in often unpredictable and unprecedented ways.

An Intern Perspective

Just a few months ago, I thought a PR person was the stereotypical short-blonde-go-getter-party-thrower. It was easy to confuse publicist with public relations and assume any publicity was good publicity.