DKCE’s Fashion Challenge

A few weeks ago, I was forced to wear leopard, red, an oxford shirt and loads of denim. Thankfully it was not all at once, and as much as this sounds like a weird fashion mashup experiment for the sartorially challenged, it was an interesting look inside the mind of a new breed of influencers: fashion bloggers.

THQ Re-launches Wrestling Franchise “Straight-edged” Style

Whether you’re a fan or not, it is hard to deny that professional wrestling is a multi-million dollar business. While to some, it’s more sports entertainment than actual sport, it still boasts one of the most loyal worldwide fan-bases of any media property.

Advertising Week and the “New” Storytelling

As someone new to DKC and relatively new to New York City, I was excited to experience my first Advertising Week this fall.

Heinz Ketchup Has Nothing on David Granger

David Granger, the editor of Esquire, dropped by DKC the other day. There are a number of takeaways from his appearance.

Internet Week Offers Lesson for Advertisers…and Publicists

During last month’s Internet Week, creative minds and prominent voices in the digital world descended upon New York, and with it, I had the opportunity to hear the perspectives of a number of individuals who are helping to shape the way we use the Web.

Provence for a Week…In a New York Minute

I just came back from a week in France with my family, celebrating a milestone birthday for my mom. Spending a week in the serenity of southern France does something amazing to a New Yorker’s way of life – it slows it to an almost unrecognizable leisurely pace.

The Blog and Short of it All

DKC Passion Project: DKC’s company-wide competition giving one lucky employee the chance to enter to win $1000 plus a week off to pursue whatever it is in life they are passionate about.

Braving Crowds and Cold in Search of the iPad 2

When we left work early Friday to try to snag a spot in the line at the Meatpacking District Apple Store to get one of the first iPad 2s, we knew that we didn’t really have to be there.

Little Things Make a Big Difference

Do you know someone who has been fighting in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars? That was the question that Oprah and Tom Brokaw asked in a recent show about The Bravest Families in America.