Mcafee Dangerous Celebrity 2014

Think twice before you search for your favorite celebrities online. This week, McAfee revealed their Most Dangerous Celebrities list for 2014, featuring talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel as #1.

5 Questions: Sam Devine

  What’s the most adventurous thing Sam Devine has ever done? Check out this week’s 5 Questions to learn more about DKC Incite’s Senior Production Coordinator!

5 Questions: Kofi Polley

  What’s Kofi Polley’s secret addiction? Find out in this week’s 5 Questions! Each week, we’ll shine a spotlight on DKC’s talented and vibrant staff, giving a sneak peek into the professional and personal lives of the many faces of our company.Click herefor more 5 Questions videos.

5 Questions Lyndsey Havens

  The hiatus is over. DKC’s ”5 Questions” is back for Season 2! Senior Account Executive Lyndsey Havens tells about her NCAA background and other fun facts.

DKC Incite Produces “Smile Pretty Lounge” at Beautycon in Los Angeles

Luster Premium White’s “Smile Pretty Lounge” was a huge success at BeautyCon LA on August 16, 2014. Through the use of bright product displays, playful graphics, a show-stopping sparkle booth and charismatic brand ambassadors, we created an environment that captivated attendees of all ages.

DKC Welcomes Ella Robinson

DKC is proud to welcome Ella Robinson as Senior Vice President in the agency’s Entertainment group. Based out of DKC’s New York City office, Ella will report to Joe Quenqua, Director of Entertainment in the agency’s LA office.

DKC Connect Stumble Upon 5By Breakfast

  DKC Connect is teaming up with StumbleUpon and 5by to host a networking breakfast for NYC interns in media, public relations, advertising, and tech, and we’d love for you to attend!

#RockThatRock With R5 and DKC Incite

DKC Incite produced a concert for Ring Pop featuring R5 to celebrate the #RockThatRock social media campaign and debut R5’s new ”Rock That Rock” music video.

This Guitar Saves Elephants

Did you know that 70% of people most likely to take action for a cause are motivated by friends and family on social media?

Osnap Scented Social Media

  Time to stop and smell the roses. Or that brunch photo you Tweeted over the weekend. Today, technology company Vapor Communications, launched oSnap, an iPhone application that allows users to tag photographs with over 300,000 unique scents.