Social Media & Influencer Strategist

Location: New York
posted 03/23

We’re seeking a Social Media + Influencer Strategist to join DKC Connect, the social and digital arm of DKC.

This role will be in charge of researching, identifying, securing, and managing relationships with influencers that help grow brand awareness via influencer partnerships and developing and implementing digital content campaigns.

While primarily working within the influencer-marketing practice, this position requires a working understanding of social marketing to advise clients and peers on integration strategies. The position will be responsible for leading the strategy and execution of day-to-day influencer marketing activities on behalf of brands, using influencers as brand advocates, content promoters, and content contributors.


Monitor analytics of influencer outreach to enhance social and content strategy across multiple channels including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc

Help with daily management of social media communities, build growing social media following and increase overall engagement with followers

Understanding of social media and how to craft content that will perform well on each platform

Ability to manage several tasks at once and switch seamlessly between them without missing a deadline

Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills

Confident backing up content decisions with both data and judgment

Versed in using digital analytics tools — Simply Measured, Traackr, HyPR, Thuzio — to research and identify key influencers within different verticals

Understand and maintain compliance with proper FTC guidelines for brand activities

Ability to present information clearly, concisely and engagingly to an audience

Extensive knowledge of influencer-marketing landscape, including industry trends and relationships with influencers of varying verticals

Experience building strategy and messaging briefs that support long-term, qualified brand engagements

Positive team member who is supportive of others and works towards common successes

Manage the design, planning, construction and execution of influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of clients

Identify, establish and manage ongoing opportunities for brands to engage with influencers

Secure and negotiate earned and paid partnerships on behalf of clients, including news items, product reviews, content exchanges, user-generated content, social engagement, etc.

DKC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer (EEO)

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