Market Research

Market Research

Market research can help refine your understanding of important strategic business questions:

  • What are the core demographic and psychographic segments of your target market?
  • What are your audiences saying online? How do they say it, and who is driving the conversation?
  • What motivates your customers, supporters, and evangelists to spread the word?

Our industry-leading research team can provide fast, inexpensive, and reliable research to help you:

  • Shape the news for a new product launch
  • Assess public opinion on important topics (we’ve been just 1 point away from actual election results in all of our electoral polling)
  • Understand a new market or customer segmentation
  • Evaluate event success, brand recall for sponsorship, or audience contours of big lists / communities
  • Test ad messaging or branding options
  • Focus group complex questions to dive deep into customer journeys and motivation
  • Track and monitor public conversations to understand their true nature and make smart decisions about crisis (or non-crisis) communication strategy

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