Return on News

Return on News

What was previously static one-way communication, today’s news has evolved into a conversation, and an interactive platform that is consumed and shared throughout the world.

Sometimes news can be shocking. Or personally motivating.

News can compel you to buy a product. Or not.

News can make a statement or challenge an issue.

News can launch a brand or propel a company. It can also level it.

Our Mission

Our approach is predicated on shaping opinion and building brands. But we don’t stop there. Our job is to show impact, engagement and results. We drive our team toward outcomes that move the needle, and are laser focused on helping our clients achieve their business objectives by strategically shaping and impacting conversations across all forms of media.

return on news

Our commitment to delivering a return on news for our clients involves a sound strategy that makes sure we maximize the story across all channels.


How to structure the story to receive maximum news value


Where to place the story


When to pitch the story to ensure the best possible consideration & impact


How to extend the story with data and research


How to amplify the news to ensure it reaches the right audience