Multicultural Marketing Expertise And Hispanic Public Relations

Multicultural group of friends using cellphonesWe conceptualize and execute media campaigns for some of the most recognized brands in the multicultural and urban communities including personalities, media properties, award shows and events.

Specifically for the Hispanic market, we provide strategic consultation, publicity outreach and Spanish language services to assist in defining and implementing the best Hispanic marketing initiatives to accomplish our clients’ goals. We work in fields ranging from nonprofit, public affairs and institutional public relations to consumer products, hospitality and media, among others. Through our established and ongoing relationships with Spanish-language media at a regional, national and international level, we are able to raise awareness and give a voice to issues that are particularly important to the Latino community as well as help your brand build a strong and relevant presence in the ever-growing Hispanic market.

In addition, our staff have experience with the various cultures that make America the “salad bowl” of the world. That is, there are hundreds of different cultures around the country that come together and, while maintaining their own identity, create something great. We have the multicultural marketing experience you need to reach a new audience you thought may not have been possible. As each culture has specific things they may find more favorable in advertising — and some things certain cultures may find offensive — having an experienced team on your side is vital.

Our multicultural marketing experts can also help you reach those on the other side of the world, allowing you to truly branch out and become a global company. For more information about the services we offer, contact us today.