Why DKC Government Affairs? Why Now?

State government affairs have never been as challenging as they are now – from California to Michigan, from Texas to Florida, states are experiencing unprecedented challenges and pressures and elected officials are reacting and acting in often unpredictable and unprecedented ways. We at DKC Government Affairs know New York – our team has lived it and breathed it, inside government, inside corporate board rooms, running political campaigns and working the halls of the Capitol one step at a time.

Now more than ever, the New York landscape is a complicated and quickly shifting space where sound footing and strong advocacy are needed to break through the white noise. That is our track record and that is our forte. With words and concepts like dysfunction, reform, voter discontent, power shift bandied about on an almost daily basis in the media and halls of Albany, the need for steady advocacy in a complicated environment cannot be underestimated.

DKC Government Affairs, which launched this week, provides top level government relations and political counsel to Fortune 500 companies, real estate developers, not for profit organizations and a host of entities whose interests and needs intersect with the often Byzantine workings of Albany. Under the lead of Allison Lee, the DKC Government Affairs executive team brings over 100 years of combined experience in local, city, state and federal government affairs experience.

We pride ourselves on crafting individual, client specific strategies and implementing them strategically and successfully. And with the existing public relations, marketing and crisis management assets that DKC brings to the DKC Government Affairs partnership, our clients get a full service and unparalleled style and level of advocacy.

As a leading national communications firm based in New York and specializing in public relations, marketing and crisis management, DKC represents a diverse roster of clients including Delta Air Lines, Sony Pictures Television, Kraft Foods, Warner Home Video, New Balance Athletic Shoes, Esquire Magazine and the Children’s Health Fund. The creation of its new Government Affairs practice is a natural extension of its commitment to comprehensive client service.

Posted by Allison Lee, Director of DKC Government Affairs