Case Study
Ken Burns and UNUM

Case Study / Ken Burns and UNUM

Ken Burns and UNUM

DKC has worked with Ken Burns for over 20 years, developing and executing major promotional campaigns for all of Ken Burns’s films and related projects. Recent Ken Burns projects include The Vietnam War, Country Music, College Behind Bars, East Lake Meadows: A Public Housing Story, Hemingway, Muhammad Ali, Benjamin Franklin, and The U.S. and the Holocaust, debuting April 2021 on PBS.

Our work with Burns also includes his digital initiative, UNUM, which brings to life clips from his previous films to provide historical context to today’s current events. In 2020, we worked with Ken and the UNUM producers to develop a series of video essays — called UNUM Shorts — featuring Ken discussing timely political and cultural issues, which we then released in partnership with major media outlets. The topics and media partners included 19th Amendment and the fight for gender equality (The New York Times), the meaning of baseball in moments of national crisis (CBS Sunday Morning), the mythology of our monuments and the debate over confederate statues (The Washington Post), and evolving electoral maps (CNN’s Inside Politics with John King). The video essays generated additional media interest from outlets like Esquire, Forbes, The AV Club, PBS and CNN International’s Amanpour, and CNN and others.

Additionally, we continued to position Ken as a key voice on American history and culture. In the past year, he made several additional TV and radio appearances to discuss the historical context of the pandemic, the movement for racial justice, the presidential election, and the attack on the Capitol Building.


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Return on News


major media partnerships to launch UNUM Short video essays: The New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning, The Washington Post, and CNN’s Inside Politics with John King


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