Automotive Public Relations

classic red carOur expertise enables us to handle the unique communications needs of the automotive industry. DKC develops, integrates and executes all elements of consumer engagement through traditional media relations, interactive social media, experiential marketing, event planning and content creation.

We also have experience engaging policy makers who are shaping the transportation industry and driving the future of automotive technology on the federal, state, and local levels. As laws and regulations continually change and new innovations are released seemingly daily, staying ahead of the curve can feel like an impossible task. However, with DKC, we can help you reach a broad audience with your newest vehicles and see your sales rise.

The automotive industry is a long-standing one. For some, that makes it difficult to give up marketing tactics effective in years prior in favor of strategies to reach a new generation of drivers. We have years of experience constantly adapting to the latest trends in marketing and consumer behavior. In that time, we have learned what works, what doesn’t and, perhaps more importantly, how to navigate the laws the state what can and cannot be said in advertising.

As more players enter the field, the auto industry has become increasingly more competitive. That means your advertising must be above the rest in order to truly succeed. At DKC, we have faced — and overcome — this challenge many times, as our automotive clients can tell you. We want to help your company thrive as well. For more information about our automotive public relations strategies, contact us today.