A Guide to Gen Alpha Insights on the Gateway Generation

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Explore the consumption habits, favored brands, and influence of Gen Alpha.

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The typical (median) Gen Alpha parent estimates that half (49%) of all household spending is impacted by their child’s opinions.

It’s time to focus on a new small-in-stature but mighty-in-opinion consumer, Gen Alpha. Born between 2010 and 2024, these individuals bring influencers and information about brands and products straight to their household decision-makers, so if you can gain their attention, you’ll also tap into the spending power of their millennial parents, a powerful 2-for-1 combination. It’s why we’ve named them, “The Gateway Generation.”

Already earning an income, Gen Alpha’s purchasing power is already here. Dive into their consumption habits, favored brands and online habits to reach them now effectively.

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Download DKC’s report to understand…

  • WHO is Gen Alpha and WHAT do they care about

  • WHY marketers  should care about Gen Alpha now


  • WHICH brands and stores are winning over Gen Alpha

  • Gen Alpha’s MIGHTY INFLUENCE on the consumption habits of their millennial parents


Among Key Findings...


The amount of their own month the typical (median) Gen Alpha child has to spend in a typical week ($2,340 per year).

This increases to $78 per week for white children, $70 for children whose parents are married, and $100 for children in houses with annual income over $100,000.


of parents have changed their own personal consumer patterns based on feedback from their Gen Alpha child.


of parents are paying more attention to online influencers to better understand how they impact their Gen Alpha child.


of parents say they’re more likely to make online purchases due to their Gen Alpha child.

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