Consumer Products And Lifestyle Marketing Public Relations

Handmade natural soapThe world of consumer products is fast paced. As consumer tastes shift, so does media attention. Representing some of the most iconic lifestyle and consumer product companies, we utilize pop culture to create newsworthy angles for our clients and create compelling campaigns to launch and revitalize brands. We look for opportunities to mix smart marketing ideas and events to garner maximum buzz for our clients’ products.

As consumer tastes shift, brands have a few options. They can remain where they are and wait for the market to come back around. Or, they can make small changes to their tactics in attempt to remain relevant without changing too much. Finally, brands can do a complete overhaul of their marketing, from a new logo to shifting audience focus, in efforts to recapture their market. Each of these tactics holds value in different situations, depending on how drastically tastes have changed.

The advantages of these different strategies are different, yet tangible. In the first scenario, you prove to your customer base that you are consistent. This is ideal for brands steeped in tradition. In the second, you change just enough to keep up with your clients, proving you will do what it takes to keep them satisfied. And in the last scenario, a complete overhaul is ideal for a company who wants to prove they are “with the times,” so to speak.

Of course, these are overly simplified explanations of just a few different marketing tactics. Every brand is unique, and therefore needs a unique marketing strategy. Let DKC help. For more information about marketing public relations techniques for consumer and lifestyle products, contact us today.