DKC Incite Produces HIT Entertainment Event

DKC Incite recently produced a film premier and reception for the DVD release of HIT Entertainment‘s Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway.



The Los Angeles screening was held for local celebrities and their families, HIT Entertainment executives, Mattel Management, and special guests. A separate screening was also held for 280 lucky contest winners. For the reception, DKC Incite transformed the location into a Thomas & Friends play land for the children and their families complete with Thomas-themed refreshments, an interactive show, and a number of entertaining activities. In addition, DKC Incite partnered with Barnes & Noble to drive on-site sales of Thomas & Friends merchandise and DVDs, all of which sold out before the end of the event. Even more, the success of the event collected 15,000 impressions from the area’s media outlets and garnered a positive review from the attendees.