DKC Incite Produces Sonic Boom! Event

DKC Incite produced a Comic Con fan event for Sega of North America on October 4th to highlight the new Sonic Boom! game on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems, as well as the upcoming premier of the Cartoon Network show this Fall. To create a framework for all of the programming, Incite produced a talk show format for the four-hour ticketed show. The event included live musical performances, a staged reading by the Sonic Voice Actors, interviews with SEGA brand partners, and an autograph station for fans to meet & greet the talent. Fans were able to play the new games first-hand on one of the 14 gaming consoles provided by Nintendo and Wii U. Fans received signed custom posters, purchased Archie comic drawings, and a caught glimpse of the new Tomy toys on sale at all Toy’s R Us stores. The event was a huge success for Sonic enthusiasts with fans leaving comments on Facebook page such as, ”Overall, Sonic Boom 2014 was probably the best night of my lift,” and ”Haven’t been able to stop thinking about how great this event was – some of the strongest highlights of my year.”