Education Marketing Public Relations

Some of the nation’s most prestigious educational institutions turn to DKC for our support on development, recruitment and reputation building.  Interacting with administrators, faculty and students, we identify and tell the stories found in each classroom and laboratory, faculty lounge and student union.  While the strategic assignment may vary, our focus is on reaching target audiences with interesting curricular and extra-curricular activities, thought-provoking research and publications, students with heart-warming personal stories, and presidents with definitive viewpoints.

We seek to establish a brand for our educational clients, using their assets to heighten awareness and support for the institution among key constituencies, including parents of current and prospective students, alumni, donors and prospective donors, opinion-shapers in the academic world, elected officials, and influencers in the media. We have extensive experience working with education media across broadcast, print and online, including national education writers on larger-scale trend stories, regional reporters at “hometown” outlets and education trade publications.