Introducing This Week In Digital

At DKC Connect, part of our job includes staying on top of digital trends on behalf of our clients. Each week, we’ll be using this space to share with you the highlights of what’s happening in the digital world. We hope you enjoy this round-up of digital news and how it relates to communications between brand and consumer.

Facebook TimelineFacebook Timeline for Brands to Debut on March 30th

It was announced that Facebook Timeline for brands is launching March 30th. The change is very exciting for brands as Facebook Timeline’s chronological platform enhances the art of engaging storytelling, complete with increased visuals and interaction options. As buzz about Facebook’s Timeline is growing on news sites, blogs and social media, important consideration should be given to each brand’s story before the Facebook changes go live. Are there historical milestones that can be portrayed or fascinating brand stories that can be told through images or multimedia? Most brands can say yes, and these milestones and significant events can now be featured with more prominence when the Timeline rolls out this spring.

Social TVMTV Europe Mobile Launches Social TV

MTV is launching ”Social TV,” a mobile app that allows users to watch MTV’s content, share it with others, and watch it with friends who are also on the go. It is currently available in Europe with no set plans to launch in the U.S., but it is a great model to watch as brands increasingly rely on digital video content to distribute their messages and engage with audiences on the move. Whether a brand is looking to bolster its video presence online or reach new audiences, the mobile app for social TV is an exciting media development to watch this year and could potentially become a future component of communications campaigns.

Expect More Ads on Facebook

Facebook announced a suite of new advertising products, including ads that can reach users in their newsfeed, on their mobile devices, and even when they are offline. Another new tool brands can purchase is the Reach Generator, which guarantees that brands can reach 75 percent of its fans trough advertising each month. Due to its highly targeted nature and ability to reach mass audiences quickly and effectively with key messages, online advertising is continuing to move from traditional advertising into the public relations realm as a tool for impactful communication.

PinterestWho’s Really Using Pinterest?

It seems like everyone’s talking about Pinterest right now—but who’s really using it? Pinterest’s demographics are shifting every day, and now consist of more than 11 million users, 68% being women. Of these women, 28% have a household income of $100,000+, which makes them a key audience for brands to reach. It’s particularly appealing for retail brands, which have seen a 289% rise in referral traffic since July. Like any PR or marketing campaign, an understanding of the target audience and the most effective channels to reach them will result in telling the brand’s story seamlessly. For some brands, Pinterest may be a natural extension for heightened communication and brand awareness with consumers.

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