Media Public Relations

Major media companies –– print, broadcast and online – engage DKC to raise their profile, handle launches/re-launches, promote their content as well as guide some of the leading media companies through sweeping changes in economics and format. Our success with media outlets and content providers stems from our keen understanding of what IS a story, and our comfort level with campaigns as grandiose as the launch a major media organization or as granular as positioning our editorial clients as experts on news of the day.

We are also attuned to the business of media. We know the outlets and reporters who cover the industry and the trade publications and blogs that influence the influencers. We understand the need to drive readers to content – online and off – and advertisers to those readers, using the media itself to fuel that cycle. Smart partnerships with other brands and clever events – think Esquire Apartment or Billboard conferences – are promotional vehicles used to great effect by DKC.