Osnap Scented Social Media


Time to stop and smell the roses. Or that brunch photo you Tweeted over the weekend. Today, technology company Vapor Communications, launched oSnap, an iPhone application that allows users to tag photographs with over 300,000 unique scents. Images tagged with scents, known as oNotes, can be electronically sent and received via email, Facebook and Twitter in select hotspots that have the oPhone, the hardware that emits unique scents.

Available for free download in the Apple App store, oSnap gives users the ability to snap a photograph and tag objects in the photograph with one or more scents. This app gives users the ability to create over 300,000 scent combinations.

”oPhone will transform the way we communicate with scent – it is a form of communication that until now has been unimaginable,” said David Edwards, founder and CEO of Vapor Communications. ”With the oPhone, people will be able to experience a symphony of aromas tagged to photos that will enhance message delivery and promote sensorial sharing.”

To introduce this new social media device, DKC and Vapor Communications sent the first transatlantic scent email from Vapor Communication’s Parisian office, Le Laboratoire, to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City this morning. Le Laboratoire worked with iconic perfumer Christophe Laudamiel to make the scent for this unique event. Vapor Communications also launched an Indiegogo campaign today to promote the first commercial oPhones. Sniff out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for more information.