This Week in Digital 1.25.13

From Twitter launching a new video capability to taking a look at some of the digital tactics often overlooked for the popular social networks to DKC Connect Director Wendi Leggitt in the news, this edition of This Week in Digital underscores the importance of using all the tools in your digital toolkit to communicate effectively to your target audience. We hope you enjoy this round-up of digital news and how it relates to communications between brands and consumers.

Twitter Launches New Video Capability

It seems that almost every day a new social media platform is announced, but this week most attention has been on video appVineand its integration with Twitter. Recently used by a number of brands such asPBS, the video service for clips that are six seconds or less was acquired by Twitter last year and allows users to create and share looping videos. As successful social media strategies move more and more toward visual content, this integration on Twitter will allow marketers to use short video clips to engage followers and share brand stories to enhance communication on the platform and appeal to users’ growing tastes for multimedia content.

Forgotten Digital Marketing Tactics

While most brands frequently turn to social media powerhouses Facebook and Twitter for digital marketing, as well as keeping up with more recent platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, there are digital marketing tools that get less attention but can be just as useful, including email. Top digital brand marketers interviewed byDigidayagreed that email is one of the most underrated digital tactics because of its relatively low costs to reach those interested a brand. Search engine marketing and search engine optimization were also cited as underrated techniques. Whichever way brands communicate with consumers, it is important to remember to optimize the content for each target audience and use language that is relatable to ensure maximum engagement.

DKC Connect In the News

In this week’s edition of the newsletter from PR News, director of DKC Connect Wendi Leggitt highlights how Facebook may hold the most promise for the future of social media. In the article, Leggitt calls Facebook the ”storytelling trifecta.”

”It’s the platform that seamlessly merges photos, videos and written messages to create powerful, compelling stories for brands,” Leggitt says. DKC Connect clientParadisus Resortswas also mentioned to demonstrate the impact Facebook can have on PR campaigns. Last year, a ”Paradisus Love Story” contest was created on Facebook to enable fans to share their special moments with the brand through multimedia content while becoming a part of the brand’s narrative.