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DKC IMPACT: Doing Great By Doing Good

For the past 25 years, DKC has been a recognized leader in the public relations industry with a strong foundation and influence in the non-profit space. From our work with the Children’s Health Fund, USO, Disabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation, A Better Chance, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Sing for Hope, American Humane and hundreds of others, we are committed to the ideal of “Doing Great By Doing Good.” To do so, and in honor of our 25th year, we’re expanding our work in a purpose-driven way by introducing DKC Impact. The vision of DKC Impact is to provide pro-bono public relations and digital services to amplify the voices of deserving small sustainable non-profit organizations dedicated to making the world a better place for all humanity.

If you’re a small non-profit, we invite you to apply here:

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DKC Impact will review all applications as they are submitted and get back to you within a week.